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2016-17 Highlights
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Celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial

Eads Elementary School is celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial all year long.  Our lobby features 12 famous Hoosiers in our Hoosier Gallery along with a life skill that each person personifies.  Each month the students will learn about a famous Hoosier as well as the character trait.  In September, we are honoring Abraham Lincoln and learning about honesty.  Students can earn brag tags from their teachers for being honest in the classroom and around the school.  We are very excited to spend the year learning more about our State!

Eads kicked off the school year with a ‘splashtastic’ pool party at the Munster pool.  Our PTO hosted families at a back-to-school get together.  New families were welcomed in to the Eads school family.  Students enjoyed the warm water and the fast flowing water slides. Our PTO will also be hosting our annual Back-to-School BBQ on September 15th.  Parents will be grillin’ up hot dogs and hamburgers as a D.J. spins tunes for the students to dance along with.

Family Health and Wellness Fair

On Tuesday, September 27th, Eads Elementary hosted its second Family Health and Wellness Fair, which focused on physical wellness and nutrition.  The evening was organized by the school Wellness Committee and led by Mrs. Dwars, school nurse, and Mrs. Hansen, teacher.

The Eads School community was invited to attend the Health and Wellness Fair, which featured 23 exhibits from local and regional partners. Some popular exhibits included:  Whole Foods Milk Tasting, Healthy Snack Taste Testing and Voting, Smoothie King smoothie samples, Taekwondo lessons and warm-up running activities took place in the gym.  Officer Ghrist presented family safety information to all who attended.  The    Eads Wellness Committee displayed ‘What is Blood Made Of” and students got to run their hands through red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.  Elite Ambulance parked in back of the school and let students visit inside of their ambulance and learn about EMT’s jobs.   The Red Cross was also present and collected blood at our Blood Drive.  Jewel Osco, Dr. Lynn Karr, Dr. Hodges, Carmine Vision Care, the Concussion Clinic and the Stroke Clinic were some of the local businesses that provided information to our families.

Students were excited to learn that Sweet Potato Chips were the favorite among all those that attended!!


Red Ribbon Week

Eads celebrated Red Ribbon Week in many ways.  On our “Wake Up Drug Free” day, students wore pajamas to school and donated over 300 toothbrushes to the Salvation Army.  On Thursday we celebrated “I Can, You Can, We Can—Take a Stand Against Drugs” with every student bringing in a canned good to be donated to the Food Pantry.  Our school collected 853 cans of food.  During the week the students not only learned about being healthy and drug free, they also learned that helping out others in need in our community makes Northwest Indiana a better place to live.


Students Make Comfort Packs for Vets

The students at Eads participated in Cheers for Heroes- a program designed to bring smiles to combat wounded veterans and vets who are living in nursing facilities or hospitals around our area. In partnership with the Munster American Legion, Eads students made cards and comfort packages so veterans will be remembered during the holidays.  The American Legion collected boxes and boxes of supplies from Eads and delivered Comfort Packs in Indiana and Illinois.

The fifth grade students visited the Munster Veterans Memorial on Veteran’s Day. Students followed the commemorative brick pathway on their journey through history.

Veterans Day by Mir Tamim was read over the intercom to all of the students.  The school then sang the Star Spangled Banner to honor those that served our country.