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Central Administration Directory
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Dr. Jeffrey A. Hendrix
Ext. 1025

Steven L. Tripenfeldas
Assistant Superintendent
Ext. 1019

Dr. Yvonne Stokes
Assistant Superintendent
Ext. 1021

Jarek Pozdzal
Director of Computer Systems
Ext. 1020

Kathryn Feezel
Director of Food Services
Ext. 1018

Janice Swanson
Director of Financial Operations
Employee Benefits Coordinator
Ext. 1024

William Melby
Assistant Director of Financial Operation
Ext. 1012

Support Staff
Peggy Howarth

Transportation Supervisor
Administrative Assistant

Ext. 1015

Linda Zaborowski
Accounts Payable

Ext. 1023

Vicki Swing
Ext. 1031

Mary Deering
Administrative Assistant of Food Services

Ext. 1017

Debra Hayes
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Ext. 1027